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From seasonal pruning to tree removal

Trees are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. Pleasing to the eye and a haven for wildlife. However, sometimes trees can become a nuisance. A stray branch can be annoying, a tree that has become too large can be dangerous and seasonal pruning can be a problem, especially if you're not particularly mobile. S R Jolliffe Landscaping of Bournemouth can help with all these problems and more.


With our expertise and specialist equipment we can solve all kinds of tree based problems. Our crew are trained, safe, polite and prompt. Whatever your issue we'll solve it swiftly and with the minimum amount of disruption. Contact us today and we'll come and have a look, assess the problem and give you a free written quotation.

Our tree services include:

  • Branch trimming & removal

  • Seasonal pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Tree felling

  • Shrub pruning

  • Hedge cutting

  • Stump removal

Storms and high winds can sometimes cause damage to trees. S R Jolliffe Landscaping can come out and make sure that your family and property are safe after bad weather. Call us and we'll come out as soon as we can and assess the damage.

Storm damage

Branch trimming & removal Stump removal Tree felling Tree Service